Requirement Deliverables Target Date Status
Policies, practices and procedures -Establish Accessible Customer Service standard detailing practices and procedures on providing goods or services to persons with disabilities according to principles independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity, as set out in the regulation

-Ensure that the Plan document is

available in alternative format, upon request

December 2016 Complete
Communication -Communicate with a person with a

disability in a manner that takes into

account their disability

December 2016 Complete
Use Of Service Animals And

Support Persons


-Establish policies, practices and procedures around a person with a disability being accompanied by a service animal or support person.

-Create document describing policies practices and procedures; provide upon request.


December 2016 Completed
General Recruitment Notify our employees and the public

about the availability of accommodation

for applicants with disabilities in our

recruitment processes.

December 2016 Complete



Selection Process


-Notify job applicants, when they are

individually selected to participate in an

assessment or selection process that

accommodations are available upon

request in relation to the materials or

processes to be used.

-Upon accommodation request, consult

with the applicant and provide or

arrange for the provision of a suitable

accommodation in a manner that takes

into account the applicant’s accessibility

needs due to disability.

Ongoing Ongoing
Notice Of




-In the event of a planned or

unexpected disruption to services or

facilities for employees with disabilities,

PIC will notify employees promptly.

-The policy has established the process that clearly relays and includes information about the

reason for the disruption, its anticipated

length of time, and description of

alternative or services, if available.

December 2016 Complete
Informing employees -Inform employees of our policies used

to support our employees with

disabilities, including, but not limited to,

policies on the provision of job

accommodations that take into account

an employee’s accessibility needs due

to disability.

-Provide this information to new employees as soon as practicable after

they begin their employment.

-Provide updated information to our

employees whenever there is a change

to existing policies on the provision of

job accommodations that take into

account an employee’s accessibility

needs due to disability.

April 2017 Ongoing
Training For Staff -Provide training to employees,

volunteers and others who deal with the

public or other third parties on our behalf.

-Ensure that all employees, including

those that engage with the public or

develop policies and procedures

governing the provision of goods

and services are trained.

-Provide training on ongoing basis to

reflect any changes to policies,

practices or procedures

-Keep records of training provided,

including dates and number trained.

April 2017 ongoing



-Establish process for receiving and

responding to feedback

-Make information about feedback

process publicly available.

January 2016 Complete




(includes but not

limited to:


and harassment

policies, pandemic

plan, hazardous

material incident

response plan, fire


procedures and first

aid plan)


-Ensure individualized workplace

emergency response information is

provided to employees who have a

disability, if the disability is such that the

individualized information is necessary

and PIC is aware of the need for

accommodation due to the employee’s


-Ensure this information is provided

as soon as practicable after we become

aware of the need for accommodation

due to the employee’s disability.

-Review the individualized workplace

emergency response information:

a) when the employee moves to a

different location in the organization;

b) when the employee’s overall

accommodations needs or plans are

reviewed; and c) when general emergency response policies are review.

June 2016 Complete




Develop and implement a written

process for the development of

documented individual accommodation

plans for employees with disabilities.

December 2017 Completed

See AODA Policy




Take into account the accessibility

needs of employees with disabilities, as

well as individual accommodation

plans, when using its performance

management, planning for career

development, advancement and

redeployment in respect of employees

with disabilities.

December 2016 Complete
Building Environments


Incorporate accessibility features when

constructing and/or redeveloping

public access environments (after Jan 1,


If required When moving
Accessible website Ensure our internet website and web

content conform with the World Wide

Web Consortium

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, initially at Level A .

As needed When new website developed