We all love our credit cards and the power of purchase that comes with it. Having to pay off the bill though? Obviously, not our most favorite aspect of it. Honestly though, it needs to be done.

While it might seem tempting to put it off at the moment, it is actually always a better idea to free yourself of debt as soon as you can.

Here are a few reasons that might help you stay motivated to make your debt payments on time.

Save Money on Interest Payments

The biggest incentive to make your payments on time is being able to avoid interest costs. Carrying a payable balance on your credit card will accumulate interest charges every day, which means you will eventually end up having to pay more if you delay your payments.

Paying your balance off on your due date would lower your average daily balance and hence decrease the amount of interest charges you’d be paying. Think of all the big bucks you’d be saving on interest charges in the long run if you made all your payments on time.

Higher Credit Score

Delaying your debt payments also has a negative impact on your credit score. This might be easy to ignore right now, but when you need to apply for a student loan, purchase the car you’ve been eyeing or secure a mortgage, your low credit score has the power to put you in quite an unfavorable situation.

Lenders and dealers usually respond to lower credit scores with higher interest rates, stricter payment plans or even by declining the deals in some cases. So it’s important that you secure your credit score by staying free of debt!

Budget More Efficiently

When you make your payments on time, you’re able to assess how much you spend in a month or within a specific time frame. This helps you budget your income accordingly, so you can plan your next big purchase when the time and finances are right.

Also, once you’re done making the payment for the month, you’re more aware of how much cash you have left for the rest of your expenses, which also makes it easier for you to draw down the budget for any other plans you might have.

Reduced Stress

Perhaps the most important and prominent aspect of timely payments is that once you pay off your debt payments, you would automatically feel like a huge burden has been lifted off your chest. That relief is definitely worth the payments. The longer you delay your payments, the stronger the ghosts of your stress get to haunt you.

Partners In Credit

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